Carrie Rengers

CryoHealth of Kansas to open at Shops at Tallgrass

Businessman Dave Douglas says cryotherapy is a national trend that he and a group of investors hope to capitalize on here with CryoHealth of Kansas, which they’ll be opening later this summer at the Shops at Tallgrass at 21st and Rock Road.

“It’s gaining a lot of popularity in the U.S.,” Douglas says. “It’s really a hot market right now.”

The treatment is something of a modern-day ice bath that doesn’t require users to get wet.

Douglas says a cryo chamber uses liquid nitrogen that is up to minus 250 degrees and circulates around a user for about two and a half minutes. He says it causes blood from the skin to rush to a person’s core to be replenished through circulation.

“There’s a wide range of different benefits.”

He says it can help athletes recover from sports injuries and aid in pain management and weight loss.

“We feel like Wichita has a large population that’s invested in their health and wellness, and this may be a great complement to that,” Douglas says.

He adds, “It’s not just for athletes.”

CryoHealth also will offer segmental compression therapy, in particular for recovery from sports.

“It kind of does the same thing, getting the blood to the core,” Douglas says.

The business will take 2,240 square feet next to Title Boxing Club.

Don Piros and Craig Simon of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

Douglas expects CryoHealth to open by late July or early August. He says as soon as he and the investors are comfortable with how the business is operating, they’ll look elsewhere around the city to open more locations.

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