Carrie Rengers

American Transmissions to open in new space; David and Palmer Properties to build next door

A building that George David had planned as a “playhouse” for himself is now going to be new, more comfortable work space for American Transmissions.

David and Bud Palmer of David and Palmer Properties purchased the former Dave’s Auto Electric building at 3402 W. Central, which is near Zoo Boulevard, and remodeled it for David to use for his car collection.

“I kind of fell in love with the building,” David says.

He decided its 3,500 square feet wasn’t enough room, though.

So Scott Blees is moving his American Transmissions there.

He’s been on 29th Street North, west of Arkansas, for a decade.

“The ceilings are just a little low to work comfortably,” Blees says of that space.

When he jacks up cars to work on their transmissions, which is what he does exclusively, he and his workers have to bend over to work under them.

Mainly, though, Blees says he likes the West Central address for its visibility.

“It’s a lot busier street,” he says. “It’ll be a cleaner and better environment for customers.”

He’s working out of the new space as of Thursday.

Between that address and Felipe’s Mexican Restaurant to the west, there’s vacant land that David and Palmer also purchased.

“Potentially, we would like to custom build a building on that,” David says.

He figures the property could have a 5,000-square-foot building.

David says a strip center could be another possibility, but that’s not his first preference.

“I’d like to custom build the whole building for somebody if I could find a good tenant.”

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