Carrie Rengers

QuikTrip to rebuild Park City store; may move and expand 21st and Ridge store as well

QuikTrip is continuing what spokesman Mike Thornbrugh calls its “scrape-and-build” projects.

There’s no date set yet, but the QuikTrip on East 61st Street North in Park City just off of Interstate 135 will be replaced.

“Obviously, we are going to build a Gen 3 store there,” Thornbrugh says of the chain’s Generation 3 model.

When construction starts, the pumps will remain open, and there will be a mobile store. There will some basics for sale such as drinks, cigarettes and lottery tickets.

“It’s really scaled back,” Thornbrugh says. “We’ve used it one other place.”

That was in Tulsa, where the company is based.

“We still wanted to operate,” Thornbrugh says. “At least it allows us to keep a presence.”

There may be some news coming with the QuikTrip at 21st and Ridge as well.

It sounds like the company wants to expand that store, and a source says it’s going to do so with the acquisition of the space next store where Emprise Bank has a branch.

Thornbrugh says he doesn’t have any information on that. Nor is anyone at Emprise commenting.

QuikTrip employees at that location are talking, though.

A customer recently asked why that store hasn’t gotten a new QuikTrip kitchen yet and was told that one wouldn’t open until the new store is built on the expanded site.

Thornbrugh isn’t commenting about what the employees are saying. Nor does he say when he may have news there.

“We’ve got so many things going on right now,” Thornbrugh says. “I would say patience is a virtue.”

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