Carrie Rengers

New notary business to serve all, but it’s opening with transgender people in mind

There’s a new notary business in Wichita that is not exclusively for transgender individuals, though Brenda Way started it with them in mind.

Way herself is transgender and has long been active in the transgender community.

Years ago, she started a project to raise money to help transgender people with makeup, skin care and clothing so they could look better in order to feel better. She also helped with therapy and medical appointments among other things.

Way said “one of my happiest moments” was when she helped about 25 people get their names legally changed along with the gender markers on their drivers’ licenses.

Out of that grew Momma B Notary.

Via e-mail, Way explained why she started the business.

“Since (Gov. Laura Kelly helped) get the law changed in Kansas, trans people can now get their names and gender marker amended on their certificates of live birth. Part of that process is getting some papers notarized,” Way wrote.

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She said she’s concerned that some notaries may not accept transgender individuals or treat them respectfully.

“The papers they need will have two different names on them. A sure give away that they are trans. So I decided to become a notary so that they can go to someone who understands. That will rejoice with them and give them the love and respect they deserve.”

Way’s business will be mobile.

“I plan on traveling to where I’m needed. I’ll set up locally in coffee shops and advertise on my web page, Facebook and Twitter where I’ll be. I’ll also travel now and then to other towns and be available where other trans communities live.”

Way said she’ll be able to help others in the LGBTQIA community along with anyone else.

Her website,, is not quite ready, but anyone wanting to use her services can make an appointment with Way on her Facebook page, Momma B Notary.

She said her prices are comparable to other notaries, but she’ll give half off to transgender people who are amending their birth certificates if they promise to tell another transgender person about her business.

Spreading the word about Momma B Notary doesn’t seem to be about building business for Way but about reaching the people who need her services.

“It’s about trust. They can trust me.”