Carrie Rengers

Bullet Stop transitions to new name and updated range, store and even a restaurant

Fans of the Bullet Stop gun shop and shooting range will be pleased to know that it has closed only temporarily, not permanently as some have feared.

“We’re just remodeling it,” new owner Brad Rogers says of the building at 2625 W. Pawnee. “It’s a significant remodel.”

He’s also slightly changing the name. It’s now the Bullet Stop by ATS, which stands for Advanced Tactical Solutions, a store Rogers still has in Haysville as well.

“I tried to get a gun range approved in the city of Haysville for nine months,” Rogers says.

He’d purchased a Ready Range, a modular range, but was able to get a refund when he couldn’t get approval.

Rogers says he took that money and purchased the building where Bullet Stop has been along with the business.

“I didn’t want to get rid of the name,” Rogers says.

“It’s been around for so long.”

He’s updated the range to be able to handle rifle rounds.

“It won’t just be a pistol facility anymore,” Rogers says. “That’s kind of a big draw for a lot of people.”

The Bullet Stop by ATS will sell a variety of guns and weapons, gun cases and nonlethal weapons, such as tasers and 50 kinds of pepper spray. Customers can also build their own weapons.

“It’s a big selection,” Rogers says.

In addition to retail sales and the shooting range, Rogers says he’s also going to have a coffee shop and sell barbecue and ice cream — three of his favorites.

Rogers was trained as a chef in college and says this business will combine a lot of his interests.

His staff, including a lot of former military members, will offer concealed-carry training along with other types of training.

“You’re getting a decent training for a great price,” Rogers says.

Rogers also is working on a 1,000-yard outdoor range south of Haysville, which won’t be ready until later.

The new store will have a grand opening on Oct. 15. It is not open now.

“We’re turning away 30, 40 people a day unfortunately,” Rogers says.

He says he’s transformed the 8,400-square-foot space.

“It doesn’t look anything like it used to on the inside.”