Carrie Rengers

From collector cacti and tropical plants to household ones, this store has them

Brad Miller has opened Worldwide Cactus & Exotics, or more accurately is in the process of opening the store at 2630 E. Central a few blocks west of Hillside.

He’s had the 3,000-square-foot building for a few months, but there have been a few delays in getting it ready.

The store has plants now, and as of a few days ago also has a point-of-sale system.

“We just kind of opened piecemeal a little bit,” Miller says.

He’s been in the cactus business previously and one of his employees, Debbie Williams, used to work at Nature’s Way. Her family also had Oklahoma-based Midwest Cactus, the exclusive cactus vendor to the former Nature’s Way store.

“She had an extensive history,” Miller says.

He says he plans to sell more tropical plants than cacti.

“We want to have real exotic . . . rare plants from all over the world,” Miller says. “Stuff you don’t see.”

He says there will be a range of prices, from high-end collector’s items to “small house plants that everyone can afford.”

Miller is building a fence around part of his parking lot for overflow plants, which he brings out daily and takes in each night.

Look for a grand opening in a couple of weeks.

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