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Convergys call center to move to part of former Sears space

Convergys, at 7236 E. Harry
Convergys, at 7236 E. Harry File photo

Towne West Square, which has suffered the loss of a number of tenants including sizable ones in recent years, has a win to report now.

Cincinnati-based Convergys, which has had a telecommunications and insurance call center in Wichita since 2007, is moving to 33,500 square feet of the former Sears space on the first floor of the mall.

“Towne West is kind of … a pillar, I guess, in the community in the sense that everybody knows where it’s at,” says manager of talent and acquisition Vince Macias.

Sears closed late last year.

Macias says Towne West is visible from Kellogg, I-235 and Maple.

“There’s a lot more surrounding towns … around the west side,” he says. “Basically, it would help our candidate pool.”

Convergys has about 400 employees in 49,862 square feet at 7236 E. Harry, which is between Woodlawn and Rock Road.

“I know that that sounds like a big difference,” spokeswoman Brooke Beiting says of the size difference in the spaces.

She says there will be the same amount of seats, but the work stations will be laid out differently.

“It’s just part of our right-sizing.”

The move is expected to happen by late August.

Julie Hill, the center’s manager of human resources, says there are a number of things that make Towne West attractive, especially for employees.

There’s the mall’s food court as well as nearby food choices, child care in the area, a movie theater at the mall and, of course, shopping.

“Our employees are really excited about having all of that there as well as having a brand-new facility,” she says.

Hill says Convergys considered freshening its existing space but decided to design a new one instead.

“This is even better.”

Lowell MacLeod, the company’s vice president of operations, says the new space is “all designed with the employees in mind.”

“I guess it’s like buying a new car. You get all the bells and whistles.”

He says that “Convergys has been an expanding company for many, many years” and that likely will include Wichita as well.

“We hope to increase our head count,” MacLeod says.

He says it’s like a restaurateur wanting to fill every seat at every table.

“Same in our business,” MacLeod says. “We like to see all of our seats filled.”

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