Carrie Rengers

A 15-foot Rosie the Riveter? R&J Discount Liquor has that and more with a new mural

A lot of Wichitans have painted some variation of the city’s flag on the interior or exterior walls of their businesses, and some have chosen other images with ties to the city, such as sunflowers, buffalo or Carry Nation.

R&J Discount Liquor owner Jeff Breault decided to do a whole collage of Kansas connections on the east exterior of his building at 3015 E. Douglas just west of Hillside.

“I had a huge, ugly gray canvas, and we needed to have some colorful, neat stuff put on it,” he says.

He and artist Mark Pendergrass brainstormed and decided to do postcards of Kansas featuring all kinds of images from Wichita and the state.

Breault says they are vignettes “rather than just one solid picture because that would have been a very big picture.”

Some of the images are still pretty big, though.

“I have a 15-foot-tall Rosie the Riveter,” Breault says.

There are covered wagons, wheat and the skull of a bull with a Wichita flag for a face.

Breault says there’s also a building with “a little bit of (an) Old Town speakeasy warehouse look.”

The mural is a three-week project and should be completed next week.

“The colors just pop off of the wall,” Breault says.

He says customers are loving it, and so is he.

“We just think it’s very cool.”