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Senor Munchies to open at permanent site instead of temporary retail incubator space

Mexico native Magda Burciaga is moving ahead with her lifelong dream of having a Mexican candy shop, but Senor Munchies won’t be at the Garage at Cleveland Corner as planned.

Due to construction delays, the space isn’t yet ready.

Burciaga says she benefited from some business counseling through the retail incubator project, but she decided to move ahead with her own permanent site instead of opening there for a brief time.

“I’m very grateful . . . for the advice and the help that the group provided to me,” she says.

Her store will now be in Juarez Plaza at 1052 N. Waco.

“We’re in the process of getting it ready,” Burciaga says.

The 1,500 square feet is bigger than what the incubator space would have been, and Burciaga says she’s adding merchandise and food “just because we have more space now.”

In addition to what she calls “Latino-inspired flavorings” for nuts and candy, Burciaga also will sell gourmet Mexican ice pops and have a big focus on horchata cotton candy, which is a rice-based flavoring.

“I have the desire to share our culture with Wichita,” says Burciaga, who was born in Chihuahua but raised in Wichita.

“There’s a huge demand for Mexican food in Wichita,” she says.

However, Burciaga says a lot of people aren’t familiar with Mexican snacks and candy.

“I feel like we haven’t really been exposed, at least not in the Wichita community.”

There also will be gifts and gift baskets that contain personalized T-shirts and onesies.

Previously, Burciaga spent 13 years at Cargill where she was an account manager and did sales, but she says she’s always known she wanted to do a store like this.

She’s waiting on more inventory and still has to go through an inspection process, but Burciaga thinks she’ll be open in about a month.

“I’m hoping as soon as possible.”

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