Carrie Rengers

The Donovan, an event center, to open in former Augusta American Legion hall

Augusta Rental owners Theresa and Kelly Modlin are getting into a new kind of rental business.

In addition to renting tools and equipment, they’re now opening a separate business – the Donovan – as an event center to rent for parties.

Theresa Modlin says the business, which is at 9932 S.W. Eugene Road in Augusta, is for “anything that anybody would need a venue for.”

“It’s a very nice building,” she says.

The former American Legion hall is not even a decade old, she says.

“They put a lot of work into it,” Modlin says. “They did a wonderful job.”

The 7,200-square-foot building has two rooms and will be able to hold about 250 people. Modlin says she doesn’t have a final number from the fire department yet.

“We have a great room, and then we have a not-so-great room,” Modlin says.

Even though the one room is smaller, she says the American Legion put a very nice bar there.

There’s also a patio at the building.

The Modlins’ son-in-law, Kyler Rowland, will have an indoor archery range at the Donovan. Theresa Modlin says Rowland is an avid bow hunter, and the building is long enough for a range.

The Legion still has some office space there as well and is still holding its meetings there. Modlin says the group can continue using the building as long as it wants.

Modlin says there aren’t event centers for rent in Augusta. There are some in the greater Augusta area, but she says they’re often more costly – though they may also offer more – than what she plans.

“We wanted to keep one that was affordable to a lot more people.”

The Modlins arrived at the Donovan name after much debate.

“It’s kind of an inside joke,” Theresa Modlin says. “The address is on Eugene Road, and my little brother’s name is Donovan Eugene.”

She says when it came to naming the business, she had lots of suggestions to stick with patriotic themes.

Then there were her husband’s suggestions.

“Ah, Kelly, some of his ideas were kind of off the wall,” she says. “It’s not the Hootenanny Hall or anything like that. He had several that were equally as bad.”

Modlin says she told her husband, “Who wants their wedding invitations to say ‘reception to follow at Hootenanny Hall?’”

She says her brother thinks the name of the business is cool, but she says, “He’d like a drink named after him.”

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