Carrie Rengers

Fans of Neighbors Bar & Grill wonder at restaurant’s fate following owner’s murder

There’s a good chance Neighbors Bar & Grill may reopen, but it won’t be by family members of the slain Chuck Giles.

“It’s just really difficult for us to go in there right now,” says Connie Schrader, Giles’ longtime partner. “I went in there to clean today, and it’s just so hard.”

Giles was shot and killed in his driveway on July 19. Police believe he was targeted for robbery after he got off of work at the restaurant, which is on 21st Street just west of Amidon. No arrests have been made.

Schrader says she and Giles’ daughter, Ashley, discussed continuing to run the restaurant and decided against it.

“We have some people looking, and so that’s what we’re kind of hoping for,” Schrader says.

She says there are a handful of people who are interested in taking over the restaurant, which was known for its home cooking, particularly Giles’ famous pan-fried chicken.

Schrader says it’s one thing for someone else to take over the restaurant and another thing for the family to try to emulate the late Giles.

“We want his legacy to go on,” Schrader says. “We don’t want to screw that up.”