Carrie Rengers

Snark and String Studio to open at Revolutsia. But what’s the snark and string?

For eight years, Arcadia Grenier has been actively planning her life using a system of planners and calendars that others regularly ask about.

She says she gets asked which planners she uses along with what stationery and markers she likes.

“Instead of just telling people, maybe I should just provide them,” Grenier says she finally decided.

She’s going to do that through a new store at Revolutsia, the shipping container development at Central and Volutsia.

Snark and String Studio is going to open next month in an especially small space — “It’s the size of my Prius,” Grenier says — because the items she’ll sell are small.

Although she’ll have some calendars that are good for simply recording dates, Grenier says what she’s selling are systems for tracking tasks and goals.

“It’s a way to organize your life in an analogue way,” she says.

Grenier has taught classes in planning.

“This is just the next step,” she says of the store.

She says she’ll continue to teach through outdoor workshops at Revolutsia or at classes off site since she doesn’t have much space.

Japanese and Korean stationery products are especially big in the planning and journaling world, and Grenier says she’ll have those along with well-known domestic names in planners and pens.

Grenier also is going to keep what she calls her flexible day job as a data analyst for a company that’s part of McClatchy, which owns The Eagle.

“It’s going to be an interesting juggling of time management, but that’s what I’m good at, so I’m pretty excited about it,” she says.

Krista Racine of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal for the Revolutsia space.

The “string” in the Snark and String name refers to a variety of craft projects that Grenier usually has going on.

The “snark” is for her saucy attitude, in part towards others in the planning community.

Grenier says some planners seem interested only in Instagram-worthy planners and calendars, “almost like (a) ‘50s housewife in this perfect planning world.”

“Then all you’re doing is creating art, and you may as well just have an art journal,” she says. “I’m a little more out of the box than that.”

The store’s official grand opening will be Sept. 27, but Grenier plans to have a soft opening Sept. 6. She says she just hopes everyone forgives her if her cash register isn’t working by then.

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