Carrie Rengers

Rodney Steven II seeks to expand Derby’s STAR bonds district for sports camp complex

UPDATED — Genesis Health Clubs founder Rodney Steven II is seeking to expand Derby’s STAR bonds district to include an indoor-outdoor multisport camp he’s proposing.

On Tuesday, the Derby City Council voted unanimously to hold a public hearing on Aug. 27 to consider the request.

“We wouldn’t have them on the agenda if we didn’t think they were on to something here,“ City Manager Kathy Sexton said before the meeting.

The property where Steven is proposing the complex is at 6628 S. Rock Road not far from Field Station: Dinosaurs, which is in the sales tax and revenue district.

The almost 12-acre property where Steven’s camp would go also would be where developers put a multisport complex with indoor and outdoor courts and a restaurant. Initially, it was supposed to be closer to the dinosaur park, but a deed restriction on alcohol sales at the first property is forcing a relocation.

Steven presented an overall concept for his camp but no details on the project. He explained he runs 30 different types of camps in Kansas and other states, but he said he’s not sure which ones would be included in Derby. As examples, he said he runs camps focused on life skills, gymnastics, skateboarding and ninja training for children ages 5 to 16.

Sexton said she wants it to be clear that Steven’s venture would not be a Genesis.

“It’s something that brings out-of-state visitors.”

She told the council that staff doesn’t have all the details yet either but that there is a “rigid process” with two pages of scheduled steps that must be taken before STAR bonds could be implemented.

Before the public hearing, developers will check with the state to see if the district can be expanded and the original agreement amended.

Sexton said the council vote was to set the public hearing only.

“They’re not making any commitments tonight.”