Carrie Rengers

Hutton to start its own construction, ‘for realz’ this time, Ben Hutton says

UPDATED — Ben Hutton has some construction news, this time of his own.

“We are for realz going to start our office building,” he says of the new Hutton headquarters in Delano.

Next month, it’ll be two years since Hutton, CEO, announced plans for the company’s “world headquarters” just behind a row of Douglas storefronts between Sycamore and Oak streets.

“The holdup really was we were so busy,” Hutton says.

He says he couldn’t justify taking employees off of client projects.

“When we started to see the light, we got busy again.”

As much as he would love to be in the new space now, Hutton says the wait has given his team a chance to refine plans.

“I think it’s ended up to be a better project for us in the end.”

The company plans a 24,000-square foot office that Hutton says “takes advantage of the location.”

“We’re kind of at the intersection between old and new,” he says.

To the south of the firm’s property is what Hutton calls the historic Douglas streetscape, and to the north is the library and other new construction yet to come.

“We see ourselves as this linchpin,” Hutton says.

He says his building’s design will reflect both old and new.

Next week, the company will begin to demolish existing buildings at the site and be ready to start construction in September after its busy summer is over.

“This is just kind of getting things ready,” Hutton says.

He says his firm will move in next fall, “After our next busy summer’s over.”