Carrie Rengers

Franchisee’s first Church’s Chicken is ‘doing awesome,’ but where are the next two?

Mike Jizzini is still at work on his next two Church’s Chicken restaurants, but south-siders want to know when they’re going to open.

Like the people in the 13th and Oliver area who grew tired of waiting, so are people near Harry and Hillside and Pawnee and Broadway.

They’re coming along, Jizzini says of the restaurants.

Permits are working their way through the city now for the Harry and Hillside site and the general contractor is taking bids for work.

Construction should start in a month and a half or so, Jizzini says, and it will take a few months to build. That likely means an early fall opening.

Work will start on the Pawnee and Broadway site after that and take another four or five months.

Jizzini had to fight to put his first Church’s at 13th and Oliver. He previously said everyone told him to go elsewhere, but he said he always knew it would do well.

However, he now says it’s doing better than even he thought it would.

“It’s actually doing awesome.”