Carrie Rengers

Why would Carry Nation want to wield her hatchet against the new Urban Interiors?

When the new Carry Nation statue went up in front of Eaton Place, the big question was why the hatchet-wielding prohibitionist faced the building instead of Douglas like other statues along the street do.

That question remains a mystery, but the new occupants of the large corner space in the building at Douglas and St. Francis are having some fun with the statue looking in on them.

Cheris Coggins expanded her Urban Interiors there from a much-smaller space at Eaton Place. The new store opens on Thursday.

Among the other home decor items she sells, there’s a stocked bar cart within view of Carry Nation.

“That is just for her,” says store manager Susan Wilson.

“We don’t want her to think . . . her time is wasted out there. She’s keeping an eye on us.”

In recent years, the almost 9,000-square-foot space has been banquet space and a restaurant.

Now, Coggins’ once-cramped store more comfortably fills the space and has room for extra items, such as more furniture.

“I added some apartment-size pieces for the lofts downtown.”

Coggins says she’s “spread it out so it’s easier to shop.”

She calls it an elegant showroom with “some fun elements to it.”

That includes a vintage barn door that separates the main shop space and some work space for artists.

The store will have monthly classes on various topics. They’ll be held in a large upstairs space that was a former ballroom.

“We feel really, really happy here,” Coggins says.

So do the spirits that are there, she says she believes. Coggins says a lot of people ask if the space is haunted.

“We’ve had good vibes,” she says. “We think we’re making them happy . . . beautifying their space.”

There’s no word on how Carry Nation feels.