Carrie Rengers

Former Tallgrass Film Festival director to open a microcinema at Revolutsia

Pop-up stores and eateries haven’t cornered the whole market on fun in temporary spaces.

Revolutsia, the shipping container development at Central and Volutsia, is going to be home to a microcinema called mamafilm from May through October.

“I feel really lucky that I’m being given this opportunity to do that here,” says mamafilm creator Lela Meadow-Conner.

She’s the former Tallgrass Film Festival executive director who now runs the Film Festival Alliance from Wichita.

“Everyone thinks I moved,” Meadow-Conner says.

She travels a lot with the nonprofit, which supports 170 film festivals nationally. She’s also the mother of two children, and Meadow-Conner says she started thinking about how she could combine parenting and films.

The mamafilm concept is to support moms and other caretakers with entertainment, inspiration and help with making connections.

“There’s so many different themes that fit with this mission,” Meadow-Conner says.

She plans to show two films a month in a 30-seat lounge setting in three shipping containers. Movies will be $10 each, and attendees are invited to bring food from Revolutsia’s restaurants — Prost, Little Lion Ice Cream’s cafe and Boards — along with their own drinks.

“I want to create that sort of community and support those local businesses that are there permanently,” Meadow-Conner says.

She’s getting help from Revolutsia developer Michael Ramsey of Bokeh Development.

“He was like, I have an empty space, let’s do it,” Meadow-Conner says.

Fidelity Bank, which will be a neighbor at Revolutsia with a new microbranch, is the presenting sponsor for mamafilm.

“Everything came together really fortuitously,” Meadow-Conner says.

The microcinema concept could expand with films outside of the initial mamafilm focus.

“That’s absolutely the plan as we go,” Meadow-Conner says.

Her big goal, though, is to make mamafilm a portable experience and take it to other cities. She views this first six months, which starts Mother’s Day weekend, as a pilot project.

Later this year, a new permanent tenant will be coming to the Revolutsia space that mamafilm is temporarily using.

Meadow-Conner is fine with that.

“My goal is to take this on the road.”