Carrie Rengers

New downtown space won’t be enough for long for growing logistics firm

Midwest Trucking Logistics has purchased the sixth floor of the Orpheum building.
Midwest Trucking Logistics has purchased the sixth floor of the Orpheum building. File photo

In three years, Tyler Sims has gone from starting one company and growing it, starting a second related company and now buying the sixth floor of the Orpheum building for the businesses.

Sims had been a service manager for car dealerships. One day as he was coming back from a ball game with a friend who ran logistics for a cold storage business, the friend said, “Hey, why don’t you get a truck?”

“I told him he was crazy the first time to be honest,” Sims says.

When his friend brought it up again, Sims told him, “All right, dude, I’m going to go do this.”

He started Sims Transport with one truck to haul freight for factories and quickly jumped to 10 trucks.

Sometimes customers called, and Sims wouldn’t have a truck available, so he’d find another truck for them elsewhere. Midwest Trucking Logistics was born.

The company is up to 25 employees now, and Sims expects to keep adding more.

“I’m going to hire about five to ten a month,” he says. “That’s kind of what I’ve been doing so far.”

That’s the business he’s focusing on now, though Sims Transport still has a few trucks for what Sims calls some good employees.

“I don’t want to put them out of a job.”

Plus, he says he can tell his logistics customers that he’s “asset based,” meaning he has trucks.

“Just that word alone gets you in the door.”

The sixth floor of the Orpheum building has 9,000 square feet, which Sims will move his companies into in the next month or so from his current 5,200 square feet at 333 E. William.

He already says that won’t be enough space for the kind of growth his company is having.

Sims says he likes the vintage architecture at the Orpheum, which he says can’t be reproduced today, and that the building is up to date as well.

“That’s what caught my eye.”