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Hamilton Relay to open at Parklane Office Park

Hamilton Relay, which is part of Nebraska-based Hamilton Telecommunications, is opening one of its relay centers at the Parklane Office Park at Lincoln and Oliver.

“We’re just so impressed with all of what we’ve seen in our site visits in Wichita,” says Dixie Ziegler, Hamilton Relay’s vice president.

“There’s just a real fit … for Hamilton’s culture and the way we like to do business.”

The company offers a captioned telephone service for people who have a hard time hearing on the phone. They can listen to calls while reading captions of what’s being said on a CapTel phone screen.

Hamilton has captioning assistants who repeat what callers say into voice recognition software.

“It’s such a wonderful service for those who need it,” Ziegler says.

“Hearing loss is becoming more and more pronounced in our country,” she says. “We needed to continue to grow our operation so we can continue to support the service.”

Ziegler says Wichita is relatively close to Hamilton’s corporate headquarters in Aurora, Neb. She says it’s been good to work with economic development people here and that Wichitans seem to have a strong work ethic.

“We landed on Wichita for a lot of good reasons.”

This will make Hamilton Relay’s sixth relay center nationally.

The company is taking almost 15,000 square feet at Parklane.

Dennis Fitzroy and Adam Clements of Builders Inc. handled the deal

Hamilton Relay plans to hire between 75 and 125 people in various positions. The bulk of those will be captioning assistants.

The company is in the process of hiring for key managerial positions now and will ramp up with more workers in July.

Anyone interested in a job opening can contact Amy Hall in Hamilton’s human resource department at 402-694-5101.

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