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Revolutsia shipping container development lands two more tenants

Aerial tour of shipping container mall

From a drone, a bird's eye look at Revolutsia shipping container mall, near Central and Hillside.
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From a drone, a bird's eye look at Revolutsia shipping container mall, near Central and Hillside.

Surely Revolutsia, the new shipping container development at Central and Volutsia, is going to run out of room soon.

There are two more tenants to announce, says broker Krista Racine of J.P. Weigand & Sons.

The first is D’s Chic Boutique. If you’re looking for inexpensive jewelry, Diana Salazar has it. Everything is $5 or less.

“You can’t beat that,” Salazar says.

She’s licensed to sell Paparazzi Accessories, which Salazar has been doing through shows.

“I’ve been doing events outside, inside. I’ve been everywhere in Wichita,” she says. “I always get asked, ‘Where is your boutique?’ or, ‘Where are you located?’ ”

Salazar consulted her three grown children — Brittany, 27, Anthony, 25 and Zachary, 23 — about opening permanent space.

“They were like, ‘Mom, go for it.’ ”

She says they will all help her with the store so she can continue to do shows as well.

D’s will sell necklaces for $5 that also come with free earrings. There are rings and bracelets, too.

“Everything is 100 percent lead and nickel free.”

There is $1 jewelry for girls as well.

Once a year, there’s a $25 collection with a necklace and earrings that are what Salazar calls bolder, bigger and blingier.

Salazar was selling at Nomar International Market when she heard about Revolutsia and took a look.

“I was like, this is pretty cool.”

That was Caleb Porter’s reaction as well.

He and Andrew Schwartz are opening their second Fox & Ash barber shop at the container development.

Their first is in McPherson.

Porter opened the business in 2014, and Schwartz recently became a partner.

“We’ve just kind of blown up here and been very successful here,” Porter says.

He started in 160 square feet and now is on his third location, which is more than 700 square feet.

At Revolutsia, Fox & Ash is once again starting with 160 square feet, but Porter says he and Schwartz want to grow the business.

There will be two barber chairs, which compares with four in McPherson along with two hair styling chairs.

Barber James Whitfield also is working with them, and the three will rotate between the shops.

Porter had a couple of inspirations for the Fox & Ash name.

“The first barber shop I ever worked at was on Ash Street,” he says.

He also has a tattoo just outside of his right bicep of a fox wearing a barber smock and holding a straight razor.

There are Fox & Ash products and merchandise.

“I wanted it to be a brand,” Porter says.

He says he likes where Revolutsia is located just off the interstate with College Hill, downtown and even Wichita State University and Riverside not far away.

Porter says he also likes “the whole idea of all these small businesses coming together and kind of building a small community.”

He says his customers may see other places at Revolutsia that they might like to try, and other shoppers might give Fox & Ash a try.

“We’re all going to help each other out.”

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