Carrie Rengers

New homes for sale and lease coming to Maize

Paul Kelsey is adding about 140 more homes to his Eagles Nest subdivision in Maize.
Paul Kelsey is adding about 140 more homes to his Eagles Nest subdivision in Maize. Courtesy photo

If you’re looking for a new home to buy or lease in the Maize area, you’ll soon have a couple of new options.

Developer Paul Kelsey is adding about 140 more homes to his 150-home Eagles Nest community, and chiropractor Ian Dopps is starting a new residential community called Decatur Square that will have about 20 homes for rent.

“It’ll be a cool project,” Dopps says.

He plans the development near the southwest corner of 45th and Tyler. Commercial will be on the hard corner.

“Maize is exploding, and I think that it’s really one of the best places to live and send your kids to school,” Dopps says.

The stand-alone homes will be 1,800 square feet each and cost $1,400 a month.

“Maize has a pretty high demand right now, I believe, for rentals,” Dopps says.

Though development isn’t his day job, Dopps has a company called Cowskin Properties and says, “I love building stuff and seeing things change.”

He says he likes things that are a little out of the ordinary. His homes will have steep roof lines and some fun colors.

“Maybe a little bit modern and industrial, but I also like the old-school stuff,” Dopps says.

Think a Colonial home with a modern touch.

“I like to blend the two.”

Community Bank is doing the financing.

Dopps says New Orleans inspired the Decatur name.

At Eagles Nest along Maize between 37th and 45th streets, where there are already about 150 homes, Kelsey acquired 70 more acres late last week. He says he’s in the early stages of planning.

“It’s too new to know too much yet,” he says.

The new homes will be in the $170,000 to $250,000 range.

“So it ties in perfect for us.”

Kelsey also is working on the second phase of new homes at the NorthBrook development near 55th Street and Woodlawn in Derby.

“The public has accepted our product, and we’re going strong,” Kelsey says.

Also in Derby, he’s also replatting the Willow Creek subdivision on Harry just east of Greenwich, which Kelsey has recently taken over.

He’s dropping about 40 lots in order to create larger lots. Kelsey plans to build 117 homes there.

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