Carrie Rengers

Eighth Day Books lands in New York Times

Thanks to a referral from an author of his acquaintance, Warren Farha’s Eighth Day Books landed in The New York Times over the weekend.

“I thought it was surreal – completely surreal,” says Farha, whose store is on East Douglas a couple of blocks west of Hillside.

“It was beyond my frame of reference.”

Writer Mark Oppenheimer spent a day in Wichita earlier this month, half of which was spent interviewing Farha.

Though he was pleased with the feature story, Farha says, “Always when you have an extensive conversation like that, you think of all the things that weren’t there. For everything he mentioned, there were 10 things we discussed.”

He adds, “Given the constraints, he did a really good job.”

Farha has seen lots of social media activity since then and received lots of congratulations from friends, but that hasn’t translated into sales yet.

“I haven’t seen a huge spike since Saturday, but things like that might take a little while to settle in,” he says.

“Regardless, I was just so honored to have that opportunity,” Farha says. “It just seems like a fantasy story, but it happened.”

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