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Ink Construction opens new office on East Kellogg

The new, open environment at Ink Construction is allowing for new efficiencies, Wink Hartman II says.
The new, open environment at Ink Construction is allowing for new efficiencies, Wink Hartman II says. Courtesy photo

Like the cobbler who never has new shoes of his own, Ink Construction never has had a space designed for its needs and with a sign out front – until now.

“After 20 years of being in the construction business, whether it was residential or commercial, Wink Hartman II finally has a sign in front of his office,” Hartman says of himself.

Ink Construction previously had a basement office with no widows and, most recently, a windowless back space at Eastgate Plaza at Kellogg and Rock Road. That’s changed, too.

“We’ve got windows,” Hartman says. “Major windows.”

The new office is in the former Davis-Moore Auto Group space at 8335 E. Kellogg.

“It just was perfect,” Hartman says.

He’s done minor cosmetic changes, such as new paint and flooring, but didn’t have a lot to change.

Ink Construction, which previously had been in a 3,000-square-foot space, now will use 5,000 square feet of its new 10,000-square-foot space for its office. It also will use 2,000 square feet for a warehouse.

Hartman has 3,000 square feet left to lease to a tenant.

Wink Hartman Sr. used to be a partner with his son, but the younger Hartman bought him out in 2013. He says the company is doing well.

“We’ve experienced a great deal of growth … with clients that have become successful over the years that have just stayed with us,” Hartman says. “We’ve nurtured them, and they’ve nurtured us, and together we’ve grown.”

He says there are a lot of efficiencies with the new space.

“I am now in a space that is opened and designed for communication,” Hartman says. “I have already realized … that it’s not a function of making us money. It’s a function of saving us money.”

Hartman says communication is more efficient in an open environment than it is with cubicles or separate offices.

“I have a group of exemplary … just top-of-the-line employees, and we are now in a space that we can produce and take advantage of our skills.”

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