Carrie Rengers

Everyday Beaut owner's need for more space leads to Clifton Collective

Clifton Collective is open in Clifton Square.
Clifton Collective is open in Clifton Square. Courtesy photo

Some people expand their businesses by adding more square footage.

Juliana Phillips has expanded her Everyday Beaut by starting a whole new business.

Clifton Collective is now open in the former Nectar Republic space in Clifton Square at 3700 E. Douglas. Phillips describes it as a Midwest maker exchange to showcase products from local and regional artisans.

"We have such an amazing local art scene," she says.

By bringing in work from places such as Colorado, Missouri, Iowa, Ohio and South Dakota, she says, "It's just expanding the variety of artisans."

There are local and regional items such as candles, jewelry, clothing and honey from businesses such as Nectar Republic, Optimistic Elephant and PrintICT.

Shop Mondays and Style Tribe, both of which have mobile units, have boutiques within the Collective.

"This is providing them space where they can have a stationary spot," Phillips says.

And, of course, there are products Phillips sells through her skincare boutique. She says she'd been running out of space for them at her original Clifton Square space, and that's what lead to the Collective.

Just as the restaurants at Clifton Square have been a draw for the development, Phillips says she wants the Collective to do the same for retail.

"The goal is to create another destination in Clifton Square for people to check out."

Hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday to catch the lunch and dinner diners at Clifton Square. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday.

Phillips says she didn't realize it, but having a lot of vendors under one roof is something of a trend in other states.

"It's kind of a thing right now."

She says when she tells people what she's doing, they're a mix of curious and excited.

"I'm super encouraged by it."

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