Carrie Rengers

Original Skin moves to Family MedCenter in Andover

Original Skin is now part of the Family MedCenter in Andover.

“Actually making it part of a medical facility seemed to make a lot of sense,” says Bob Lida, who opened the business at 3300 N. Rock Road in January 2013.

The business offers laser tattoo removal and age spot treatments.

“We need to have a medical director,” Lida says. “We’ve licensed them to use our name.”

Family MedCenter is at 307 W. Highway 54. Clinic physicians Chris Meyer and Jason Hampl will be medical directors for Original Skin.

Registered nurse So Young Cheong is Original Skin’s laser technician.

“We’re leasing them the laser,” Lida says.

He’s also continuing to handle marketing and administration.

Lida says Original Skin has had more than 300 customers since it’s been in business.

“Our primary customer has been women between the ages of 24 and 40,” he says. “I think that’s interesting. We get men, too, but our primary business has been that.”

He says the business also is “getting more and more military also and law enforcement.”

Lida says there are rules for both groups about where tattoos can show, and Original Skin gets a lot of referrals from recruiters and law enforcement.

The move to Family MedCenter should help business, Lida says.

“We think they’re going to do a lot better … just by getting rid of stand-alone overhead.”

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