Carrie Rengers

Better Than Cheesecake to close

A dejected Ben Backes is making plans to close his Better Than Cheesecake lingerie shop a year and a half after opening at 106 S. Emporia.

“We’ve had many people come in and say how great it is that we started a store like that and how happy they were,” Backes says. “However … they never backed that up with giving us their business. That’s basically it. Not enough sales.”

Backes says people would stop into his shop, admire the merchandise and say they would return.

“I’ve run out of time waiting for them.”

He says he thinks his location was an issue, though he says, “It’s hard for me to put my finger on one exact thing.”

There’s a closing sale going on now, but Backes says he’s not sure when his last day will be. He says it depends on when his landlords find someone else for the space.

Backes likely will remain in the lingerie business, though probably not here.

“I’ve got some job prospects in the industry.”

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