Carrie Rengers

Margaret McHenry Maids to expand to 14,000-square-foot space

In 1997, Kandi Turner couldn’t envision where cleaning houses might take her, but she had hopes.

“I really did hope that some day it would really get big and would grow,” she says. “I’ve worked so hard at sticking with it … especially during those first few years.”

Now, her Margaret McHenry Maids is jumping from a 3,600-square-foot building at 528 N. Washington to a 14,000-square-foot space at 1200 E. Central where Spurrier Chemical used to be.

“It’s huge compared to where we’re at,” says Tiffany Hurley, director of business development.

It’s needed as well.

“My office is actually in the break room,” Hurley says. “We don’t have space for us all.”

This makes the company’s fourth location since Turner started the business.

“Every time we move we grow,” Hurley says.

There are now 40 employees, and Turner is working on her first two franchise deals in Dallas and Kansas City.

“We consider ourselves a home and lifestyle management company,” Hurley says.

In the fall, the company added concierge services.

“That’s like a personal assistant,” Hurley says. “We will do errands for you.”

That includes such things as writing thank you notes, handling monthly mailings, packing or readying houses for sale.

“Whatever you need, we will try to do,” Hurley says. “We are always looking for resources that will help our clients’ lives be more efficient and beautiful.”

The company does mainly residential work and a small amount of commercial work.

It used to be called Home Maid but changed to Margaret McHenry late last year.

“To me, she is this respectable, sturdy, intelligent woman who knows what she’s doing better than I do,” Turner says. “Hand it over to her. She knows what to do.”

Turner is still planning new things to do with the company. She’s considering having a training center at the new space, 4,000 square feet of which will be used for an office. The rest is warehouse space, part of which Turner will use to store her fleet of cars.

Carl Hebert of InSite Real Estate Group and Don Arnold of John T. Arnold Associates handled the deal for the new space.

Turner also plans to create private-label goods, such as cleaning products.

“I really would like to be … a household name,” she says of Margaret McHenry. “We’ve got all kinds of plans.”

On franchising, Hurley says that “the sky’s the limit.”

“We’re taking it slowly with the first couple because we want to do it right,” she says. “It’s all just taking off.”

Turner says she’s learning a lot as she goes.

“The whole having a business thing is tough,” she says.

However, Turner says, “I’m pretty ambitious and driven.”

It’s a long way from her initial goal “to at least make a living.”

“I’ve always hoped that it would turn out this way.”

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