Carrie Rengers

Craig Sharp Homes to build new building at the Collective

Craig Sharp Homes has called Augusta home for 50 years, but Craig Sharp says it makes sense to move his business to Wichita.

“To better serve our clients, we need to be closer,” Sharp says.

He’s going to build a 6,100-square-foot building at the Collective at 21st and K-96.

It used to be that three fourths of Sharp’s customers lived in Butler County. Now, he says, three fourths of them are in Wichita.

“Most of the times, I’m not able to meet them at Augusta,” he says.

Instead, he meets clients at model homes.

“The efficiency of that is not as good,” Sharp says. “I also lose a lot of time myself because of having to drive back and forth to Augusta.”

He says he likes the idea of custom building a new, updated space.

“There’s just a lot of new things we want to do and show,” Sharp says.

For instance, a new conference room will have the technological capability of showing three-dimensional tours of his homes.

Sharp’s main business is new home construction, generally in the $300,000 to $2 million price range.

“So we cover a pretty wide span.”

He also does some smaller wood-frame commercial construction and some remodeling. Sharp also has rental property and some development property.

The new office will be next to Security 1st Title’s new building at the Collective.

“I like being right with the title company,” Sharp says.

Also, he says, “The visibility of that area was really, really nice.”

The building will back up to K-96. He says that makes it handy for his west-side customers, most of whom are in northwest Wichita with easy access to the highway.

Sharp says he’ll use 3,600 square feet of the building and is looking for a tenant to take the rest of the space.

The building is expected to be ready around Christmas.

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