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Carlos O’Kelly’s owner Sasnak Management to buy Good Egg

Sasnak Management, which owns Carlos O’Kelly’s, is buying the Good Egg at Bradley Fair.
Sasnak Management, which owns Carlos O’Kelly’s, is buying the Good Egg at Bradley Fair. Courtesy photo

Fifteen years after opening the Good Egg at Bradley Fair, Daryl Lowry is moving on. The restaurant, though, will remain.

“It’s kind of become an east-side tradition, and we’re excited to keep that going,” says Jon Rolph of Sasnak Management.

Sasnak, which takes over the restaurant on Wednesday, owns 20 Carlos O’Kelly’s and 25 Applebee’s restaurants in seven states.

“We’ve been looking at other segments to get into,” Rolph says. “The Good Egg serves a real important role in this community as a place to connect in the mornings … and at lunch.”

Plus, he says, “It’s right across the street from our home office.”

There’s a chance Sasnak could expand the concept with more locations.

“It’s something certainly that we’ll explore, but first we have to make sure we understand … the core restaurant,” he says. “Worst-case scenario, we own our favorite breakfast place.”

Lowry started the restaurant with a licensing agreement from a chain of Good Eggs in Phoenix.

“It’s been all that I’d envisioned,” he says.

Lowry partly credits the restaurant’s location in Bradley Fair, George Laham’s development at 21st and Rock Road.

“Bradley Fair and George have been very attentive to any need that I’ve had,” Lowry says. “Success breeds success. It’s a successful shopping center. He takes care of it very, very well. It’s been a great location.”

Rolph says that’s part of the attraction with the restaurant.

“It’s a great business in a great location serving great food,” he says. “I just really like the idea of the ownership being local.”

Lowry also credits his employees, many of whom have been with him for years.

He says it’s the right time to sell, though.

“I want to do some other things,” Lowry says.

He’s not saying what his next step is, but he says he’s not retiring.

He may try sleeping in a little later than 4:30 a.m., though.

“Well, maybe,” Lowry says. “It’s hard to break that habit.”

Rolph says Sasnak is off to a strong start for 2015.

“We’re having just an incredible year.”

He says it’s refreshing after closing 17 of the company’s Carlos O’Kelly’s restaurants across nine states last year in a repositioning effort.

Rolph says Sasnak isn’t planning changes from how Lowry operated the Good Egg.

“He’s got a lot of loyal customers over there, and we look forward to getting to know them.”

The company will explore ways to add to the guest experience, although Rolph says there are “no plans to starting serving margaritas. You’ll have to keep going to Carlos for that.”

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