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Twizted Cafe to open in Old Town Square

Bruce Reesman, owner of Twizted Confections at Normandie Square, has sold his business to Carmen Whiteaker.
Bruce Reesman, owner of Twizted Confections at Normandie Square, has sold his business to Carmen Whiteaker. File photo

Old Town is about to get a little “twizted.”

Twizted Confections owners Bruce and Tina Reesman are planning to open Twizted Cafe in Old Town Square.

“I went down and saw the traffic flow of people,” Bruce Reesman says.

He says he liked what he saw with lunch, dinner and evening crowds.

“It’s going to give another option that currently isn’t down there, and I think we’ll do real well.”

The cafe will open in the former Hana Next Door space, which is on the west side of the square.

Initially, former Sweet Basil partner Diem Phan planned a restaurant for the space.

Then, the Reesmans closed on a lease for the space on Thursday. They hope to be open by June.

The two opened their bakery in Normandie Center at Central and Woodlawn in late 2012.

“It’s been slow going, but it’s been picking up,” Bruce Reesman says. “Every day it gets better and better.”

He says he’s developed a lot of corporate and wholesale clients there who buy his baked goods.

“It will still have a storefront,” Reesman says. “It’s also going to basically work as the commissary for the downtown location.”

The cafe will serve the bread, cakes, pies and bierocks Twizted Confections is known for.

It also will have a variety of sandwiches and sides along with dishes such as lasagna, baked ziti and sausage and peppers.

“And, someday, possibly … bottled beer and wine,” Reesman says.

He says he wants it to be an informal spot for Old Town visitors to have lunch or dinner. Reesman wants grab-and-go meals, such as before or after a movie.

“Everything will still be made here locally.”

There’s one thing he plans to stop making, though.

“We’re … going to stop doing the crazy cakes,” he says of three-dimensional sculpted cakes.

Reesman says there are enough specialty cake stores to handle special orders, though he’ll still offer more basic cakes.

Old Town customers can order whole cakes and pies and have them available for pick up the next day. Or, if the cafe has whole ones available that haven’t been sliced for individual servings, they can be sold whole on the spot.

Reesman has even bigger plans down the road.

“I see a restaurant someday in the future called the Twizted Gourmet,” he says.

He’d like to have upscale dining in a comfortable atmosphere featuring “recipes and foods from around the world.”

“That’s going to be at least a couple of years,” he says.

For now, Reesman says, he’s “looking forward to the Old Town experience.”

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