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Public at the Brickyard will have a new food trailer, but it won’t be traveling far

No matter how you spell it, there’s a new Boss Dawg in town.
No matter how you spell it, there’s a new Boss Dawg in town. Courtesy photo

Public at the Brickyard is jumping on the food truck bandwagon, so to speak, but in a rather unusual way.

The restaurant has purchased a vintage trailer but it won’t be taking it anywhere, at least not initially.

“In its infancy here, it’s going to be on the patio,” says co-owner Travis Russell. “We saw this as a really great way … to just kind of add to the outside patio experience.”

Russell says it’s hard to serve inside the restaurant and then, on some days, serve an entire patio crowd, too.

“It’s very difficult to turn around and also serve a standing-room patio that may or may not be there depending on the weather.”

Russell says he’s had an in-depth search for the trailer because he “wanted a certain kind of aesthetic to it.”

“I’ve been pretty consumed by it,” he says.

The 1956 trailer he found came from a family in California that ran a hot dog concession at custom car rallies on the West Coast.

“It’s a really neat old trailer,” Russell says. “They’re really in love with the trailer. It’s hard for them to let go of it, honestly.”

The family named the trailer Boss Dawg, which they spelled a few different ways on it.

“Which I just love,” Russell says. “I think it’s awesome, so I probably will not change that.”

He says newer trailers and trucks are designed to be more mobile and durable, but this one is “kind of fun and nostalgic” and will be more of a kiosk with a retro feel.

Russell says he’s “trying to take something that had an original life and giving it a new one.”

The trailer is supposed to arrive in Wichita on Wednesday.

Public is closed Tuesday for some cleaning and upgrades in the kitchen. Russell calls it “just something we needed to do before the summer season.”

The trailer won’t be ready for a couple of weeks most likely, but Russell says he’s looking forward to debuting it.

“We’re just really in love with the vintage characteristic of it.”

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