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Hive co-working space to be geared to supporting businesswomen

Andrea Stang wants her Hive co-working space in the Orpheum Office Building to be a supportive atmosphere geared to helping businesswomen.
Andrea Stang wants her Hive co-working space in the Orpheum Office Building to be a supportive atmosphere geared to helping businesswomen. The Wichita Eagle

Last fall, when Andrea Stang became a full-time freelance writer, she says she couldn’t find a co-working space she liked.

One place she tried “was uninspiring for me as a creative professional.”

“And I only ever ran into one other woman while I was there,” Stang says.

So now, she’s starting her own, which she’s calling the Hive.

“It’s going to be geared toward women,” Stang says. “Professional, creative women who are wanting inspiring space to work.”

The space won’t be for women exclusively, but women are who Stang wants to focus on. That’s in part because as she began talking to other women about co-working spaces, they had similar complaints to hers.

“They’ve even been hit on.”

As of April 1, Stang will have just over 2,600 square feet on the first floor of the Orpheum Office Building.

There will be 10 private offices and 14 open co-working spaces.

Stang will offer three levels of memberships.

One is a community membership for $17 a month, which will give members access to lunch-and-learn seminars, networking happy hour events and workshops that she plans to have, though those may have additional fees depending on the instructor. These members also can rent a conference room, an audio-video room or yoga space.

Stang is partnering with five local teachers for on-site yoga.

For $97 a month, there are open co-working memberships that have all the same features as a community membership plus 24-7 access to any chair, table or spot at the office and free access to all the amenities.

Private memberships are $197 a month and have similar access, but they also have a reserved office where they can leave and lock items.

Stang says she wants the Hive to be a resource hub, too, and an encouraging atmosphere, particularly for writers, photographers, designers and coaches.

“There’s a lot of spaces for start-ups and tech entrepreneurs,” she says of existing co-working spaces.

Stang is calling her space the Hive because “in a hive of bees, there’s a queen bee, but in our space, there’s going to be a hive full of queen bees

“It’s kind of that mentality that you have a hive behind you,” Stang says. “It’s a community of women that are behind me, and that’s what I want to offer other people.”

Stephanie Wise of John T. Arnold Associates handled the deal.

For now, Stang says potential members can find out more through the Hive’s Facebook page while she’s working on a website.

Stang says she hopes to create a safe space where women can feel physically safe and professionally safe to share ideas with one another.

For instance, if a woman wants to start a business and doesn’t know where to turn, Stang says she wants the members “to just form a sisterhood around her and be like, ‘We got you.’ 

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