Carrie Rengers

No Mercy BBQ gets attention for free meals

No Mercy BBQ owner Robby Mercer, a former goalie for the Wichita Thunder, has a daily routine that others get to enjoy.

Most days, the Augusta restaurateur selects a customer and offers a free meal.

“We’ll just pick a random customer out of the batch,” he says, “… just to show them we care about them.”

He says it’s a morale builder and leads to good word of mouth via social media.

“Everybody replies, ‘When’s it going to happen to us?’”

Mercer says the people who get the free mesquite-style barbecue are always appreciative.

“Like, ‘No one’s every done that before,’” he says, quoting something he often hears.

In general, he says, it’s “just total amazement.”

Mercer seems to answer honestly when asked if he’s just a nice guy or if the free meals are a shrewd advertising ploy.

“Kind of a little of both.”

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