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West-side coffee shop to open second site at Clifton Square

Jon and Ivy Jones are preparing to open their second Verita Coffee, this time in Clifton Square in College Hill.
Jon and Ivy Jones are preparing to open their second Verita Coffee, this time in Clifton Square in College Hill. Courtesy photo

Jon Jones admits he and his wife, Ivy, were way off on their projections for what their Verita Coffee would do when it opened in March 2015 on Central a few blocks west of Tyler.

He doesn’t mind that they missed the mark, though, because their numbers have been “a lot better, actually.”

Now, the two are opening a second Verita in Clifton Square in College Hill.

“It’s an awesome location,” Jon Jones says, calling it “historical – part of Wichita.”

He and his wife have already expanded their west-side Verita, which started in 1,500 square feet and now is in 3,700 square feet.

“We have a drive-through over here now,” Jones says. “It’s doing really well.”

The Clifton Square Verita will be in only about 400 square feet and won’t have room for a drive-through.

Jones says he and his wife like their Clifton Square neighbors, including salon owner Tory Mayer, who encouraged them to locate there.

Jones says he knows part of that is just so she can have easy access to his coffee.

“She’s a complete addict just like me.”

Verita has what Jones calls “the best in single-origin espresso and hand-crafted beverages, and also we do homemade chai, and it’s a real chai with real spices that we roast and ground ourselves.”

He and his wife plan to start making food at both sites, such as mini loaves of banana bread and coffee cake.

Initially, the new business will be open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day but Sunday, when it’s closed.

At the west-side Verita, hours grew significantly from when the business first opened. They’re now 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.

Jones says he’s been eager to expand the number of Verita sites from the beginning.

Over the next decade, he says, “We want to have a ton of locations.”

Verita will open in early January where the second Songbird Juice Co. has been for not quite a year.

“It was more of a trial run to see what we could do with a second location,” Songbird owner Marty Spence says. “It wasn’t a great use of our time.”

She’s still interested in doing another Songbird at another point. For now, the single mother of a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old is looking for a break.

“Juggling it all is really difficult,” Spence says. “It’s kind of a relief thing for me.”

She says she’s happy that Verita will still sell Inspirit Kombucha.

“I’m really excited for Verita to be going in,” Spence says.

She says she’ll have more time to pursue other things related to her Riverside business.

Mostly, she says, “This will give me sanity back.”

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