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Owners of Wichita’s latest restaurant delivery service are some familiar faces

CityPrint owners Jason Harshbarger and his mother, Connie, left, and his wife, Wynter, have started a new restaurant delivery service called
CityPrint owners Jason Harshbarger and his mother, Connie, left, and his wife, Wynter, have started a new restaurant delivery service called The Wichita Eagle

What would make a longtime family of printers get into a restaurant-related business, too?

Opportunity, Wynter and Jason Harshbarger say.

The Harshbargers, along with Jason’s mother, Connie, own the more than 40-year-old CityPrint and now are starting a restaurant delivery service called, too.

Six years ago, CityPrint began printing for a New Mexico customer that has a restaurant delivery service. Eventually, the client invited the family to a delivery service conference to be a vendor in order to get more delivery service printing.

“So for the last five years, we’ve been attending these conferences in Las Vegas,” Wynter Harshbarger says.

The result has been a substantial amount of new business with other delivery service companies.

Harshbarger says she and her family became increasingly intrigued.

“Some of these people are really, really successful, and it seemed so simple at the time.”

Now that her family has started the business, she says they have learned better.

“It’s really not that simple.”

At the time they first started preparing to open, there weren’t any of the services here.

Since then, MyTown2Go, which operates in Wichita as WichitaToGo, has opened.

Unlike that company, which is a franchise, the Harshbargers started from scratch.

Customers who want food delivered can go to to check restaurant options.

There’s group ordering available, such as when a number of employees from one business want to place orders together.

Dispatchers then order the food. For now, there are four drivers.

Delivery in a 5-mile radius of restaurants is $3.99, and then it’s 50 cents more a mile after that for up to 10 miles.

So far, there are 13 restaurants with 16 sites, but that will expand quickly, the Harshbargers say.

Initially, the focus is on the west side and the northwest area.

The Harshbargers had a soft launch last week, but they haven’t had any customers yet. They say that was on purpose as they worked out potential kinks in the system.

Jason Harshbarger says there’s one key thing that will be a selling point for

“We don’t mark up the food,” he says. “Pay what you pay in the restaurant.”

Also, he says, owning a printing company helps. He says delivery service clients tell him their largest expense is printing.

“That’s a big advantage for us.”

He says since they’ve been doing so much printing for similar companies, “I know what works and what doesn’t work.” is operating out of a room at CityPrint, which is at 235 S. Ellis a few blocks east of Washington.

Jason Harshbarger says more and more in society, people want convenience.

“It’s almost scary to me,” he says. “It’s making people lazy – me being one of them.”

Convenience is what his business is based on, though.

“We’re trying to figure out a way to sort of capitalize on some of that convenience,” he says.

The family is interested in expanding to Andover and Derby after getting established throughout Wichita.

“We would be just ecstatic to get the whole city and the suburbs of the city,” Jason Harshbarger says.

They could possibly expand even farther.

“That’s definitely an option,” Wynter Harshbarger says. “We’re not closing that book.”

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