Carrie Rengers

Auntie Mae’s Cafe owners to reopen Port of Wichita

For the second time in two years, the Port of Wichita is reopening under new ownership.

The new owners are Albert and Michael Conrad, who own Auntie Mae’s Cafe on the west side and on the east side at Harry and Webb Road where the Port is.

“I had a couple of extra hours at the end of the day I just couldn’t figure out what to do with,” jokes Michael Conrad.

“This has been an amazing business in this town. It’s been a staple for a lot of people,” he says. “How much more convenient could it be than to be right here in the parking lot of my restaurant?”

Conrad says he plans to have live music and DJs and is adding new lighting and sound systems.

He’s also doing some remodeling and adding 11 new TVs.

“We’re updating it quite a bit.”

Conrad also is revising the menu, and he says he plans to add dishes such as alligator tails and frog legs, which his mother used to serve when she owned the Crazy Horse Supper Club.

He says he plans to “get this place back to life” in about three weeks.

“This place used to really be big, and we’re going to take it back to that,” Conrad says.

“It will still be the Port of Wichita. Same concept, just better. It’ll be the place to party.”

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