Carrie Rengers

Hartman Arena once again on the hunt for manager as Aran Rush takes new position

Wink Hartman Sr. is looking for a new executive director for his Hartman Arena – again.

“We have a tendency to train an awful lot of … arena managers for bigger and better things,” Hartman says.

Aran Rush, who was hired as the then 5-year-old arena’s fourth manager in August of 2013, is leaving for a senior management position at the arena where the Sacramento Kings play, Hartman says.

“I mean, gee, lucky guy,” Hartman says. “It’s obviously a much bigger job in a much bigger arena. It’s a major step in his career.”

Hartman says he’s immediately starting a search for Rush’s replacement.

“It’s unfortunate,” Hartman says. “He’s a great guy and a good manager.”

Rush wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Hartman says the arena is doing “much better.”

“We’re not doing bad at all.”

He says there are three events booked for May, and Midwest Baconfest is happening this weekend. Hartman says he’ll be out of town and hates to miss a bacon-themed event.

“I’d put it in my coffee if they let me.”

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