Carrie Rengers

Davis-Moore Auto Group adds Alfa Romeo dealership

If you don’t have six figures to drop on a high-horsepower sports car but still want one, Dawson Grimsley says he has a deal for you.

Grimsley and his Davis-Moore Auto Group are adding an Alfa Romeo dealership to his Fiat dealership at 7675 E. Kellogg.

“This new Alfa car is considered a super car for a very, very good price,” he says.

He says the bargain price for the 4C Launch Edition starts at $65,000.

Grimsley says a lot of high-horsepower super cars cost between $100,000 and $500,000.

The new dealership will be called Fiat Alfa Romeo of Wichita.

Grimsley says he’s been planning on adding Alfa Romeo since opening the Fiat dealership in 2011.

“They didn’t really tell us that we would end up with Alfa,” he says of the car maker. “You have to meet the right criteria. … But we have been awarded Alfa.”

Customers can begin ordering cars now, though they’re not on the lot yet.

In fact, Grimsley has already sold his first one to a well-known Wichita businessman.

Grimsley says there will be much more to come from Alfa.

“They’re going to have a number of cars in their lineup that will be extremely cool cars – dependable cool cars – right here in town.”

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