Carrie Rengers

Shooters founder Paul Weigand is back at the business

No matter how many times he sells it, Paul Weigand keeps winding up as the owner of Shooters, the billiard club and restaurant at 2726 S. Hydraulic that he opened in 1988.

“I wasn’t wanting to get back in it,” Weigand says, though he adds, “I kind of missed it the year and a half I was off, actually.”

Weigand first sold the business – and financed the deal – to a customer in 2013. That didn’t work out, so he took it back. Then it happened a second time.

“We won’t go into details,” Weigand says.

He would once again like to sell the business and the 6,500-square-foot building it’s in – with one stipulation.

“I’m not going to tote the note again.”

Though he’d like to retire, Weigand says being back in business isn’t so bad. He lives nearby and had continued to hang out at Shooters anyway, in particular for the pool league he’s in.

Also, he says, “I’ve watched a lot more TV than I needed to.”

He thinks running Shooters once more could be fun.

“It will be for a while.”

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