Carrie Rengers

Smallcakes, A Cupcakery to open on the west side

Not only is the west side finally catching up to the east side and getting its own Smallcakes, A Cupcakery, Lexi Bruner’s newest store will have ice cream, too.

“The exciting thing about this one is that we’re putting the creamery in,” Bruner says.

She’ll make her own small-batch ice cream every day.

Smallcakes is going to open at the northeast corner of Maple and Ridge Road in the same center where there’s a McAlister’s Deli and a Chipotle Mexican Grill.

“It offers an opportunity for people to get dessert,” Bruner says of being between the two. “I just thought it was such a great opportunity.”

Although there’s an ice cream competitor not far from there, Bruner says it’s not like her Smallcakes in the Shops at Tallgrass at 21st and Rock Road, where there are several competitors all around.

Out west, it’s “not like three different places within a mile of you trying to sell ice cream.”

She’s also going to make her own waffle cones and ice cream sandwiches.

Bruner says she wants to do fun flavors, such as lemon basil.

“We want to do things that are different,” she says. “I just thought it sounded fun for … the west side.”

Of course, there will be all flavors and sizes of cupcakes, too.

“We do it by hand every day,” Bruner says.

There are 14 standard flavors and six that rotate every week.

Bruner says freshness is one of the hallmarks of Smallcakes, so at the end of every day, unsold cupcakes are donated to local charities.

“It’s been really important to us … to do that for the community,” she says. “We’ll look for charities on the west side to be able to do that also.”

As she prepares to open the new store, Bruner says, she’s phasing out her food truck.

“With two stores, I will be too busy to do a food truck.”

Bruner says it’s difficult to find people to staff the truck.

“People aren’t interested in working it.”

The new Smallcakes should open within three months.

“If they can get it done in two, I would be ecstatic,” Bruner says of contractors.

Don Piros and Craig Simon of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

Bruner says she’s especially excited to open because she knows how excited west-siders will be.

“We’ve had so many people ask us to be there.”

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