Carrie Rengers

Attorney Mike Brown to open Elder Law of Kansas in Derby

You’ve heard of traveling salesmen? Well Mike Brown is something of a traveling attorney.

The Wellington city attorney has had a private practice in Mulvane for the last 25 years, but he’s now continuing it out of Derby.

“I’m not leaving,” Brown says. “I still have a lot of clients in Mulvane that will come up to Derby.”

Brown needed more office space, and he lives in Derby, so he says it makes sense.

The new office is at 1033 N. Rock Road.

Previously, Brown says his practice focused on criminal defense, DUI and wills, among other things.

“I’m winding down the trial practice,” he says. “I’m making a transition into what’s called elder law.”

His previously self-named practice will be known as Elder Law of Kansas as of Sept. 1.

Brown says he’ll be assisting seniors in qualifying for Medicaid and helping them protect their assets. He says 10,000 people a day turn 65.

“All of a sudden, I realized there’s a different need for my clients,” Brown says. “They all got older just like me.”

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