Carrie Rengers

Paperback Exchange to move, expand

Paperback Exchange owner Renda Robertson has been keeping an eye out for larger space for her bookstore, and she says she recently found it through a Have You Heard? column.

Robertson saw a news item about New For You – Kids Resale Shop leaving 126 N. West St.

That shop, which is now New 2U Kids, moved to share space at Fit For A Queen’s new building near Central and Hillside.

The bookstore has been in about 1,000 square feet at 455 N. West St. The new center down the street will have 7,000 square feet.

With the extra space, Robertson says she’ll add some new and nonfiction books to her used and fiction offerings.

“It also gives me an opportunity to do what I originally wanted.”

That’s to open a cafe within the store. Robertson hasn’t named it yet, and she’s still going through permitting, so the cafe won’t immediately be open when the store moves.

There also will be a children’s area in the new store along with space for vendors to display crafts, jewelry and art along the store’s walls.

“Here, I have books lining the walls,” Robertson says. “I literally don’t have another square inch in here.”

She says she wants to help other business owners who may not have the marketing budget or time to show what they sell. Robertson says it will give her customers one more reason to stop into the store as well.

Like the cafe, that part may take a little time.

“The books and I will be there Monday,” Robertson says of the new space. “The rest will have to happen once I get in.”

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