Carrie Rengers

Quickstitch to almost double in size

Twenty years ago, a dry cleaning business at Mill Creek Village at Central and Rock Road wanted to add alterations, and Satish and Juliana Chary opened Quickstitch in about 150 square feet above the store.

Eventually, they expanded into 2,000 square feet next door.

Now, the Charys are expanding again, this time back into the space where they first started plus the space where the cleaners used to be and the Shop most recently was.

“It takes me back to those days,” Satish Chary says.

“We’re doubling the size.”

Quickstitch will have almost 4,000 square feet.

Alterations are the main focus of the business, particularly for bridal gowns.

“Through the years, we went off the roof,” Satish Chary says.

He says the business alters between 3,000 and 4,000 wedding dresses a year.

“We redesign quite a few things, too,” Chary says.

Embroidery has become a substantial part of the business as well.

“My embroidery business has quadrupled, actually,” he says.

The extra space will allow the Charys to add more embroidery machines, which means they’ll need to hire more employees.

“I’m always looking for employees, but it’s just been really hard for us to find some,” Satish Chary says. “Not very many people know how to alter clothes. That’s a dying art.”

The Charys also are looking for screen printing machines to add to the business.

Zach Zerbe of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the Quickstitch deal.

Construction on the new space starts this week.

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