Carrie Rengers

GoodSports paperwork under review with city

Monday was GoodSports Enterprises developer Jerald Good’s deadline to submit paperwork to start construction on the field house complex he plans to build at K-96 and Greenwich.

“GoodSports submitted a number of documents to the city … yesterday afternoon,” says City Manager Robert Layton.

“We won’t make a decision today, but we will probably tomorrow.”

Originally, Good was supposed to finalize financing, architecture plans and building permits to start construction by Jan. 1. Then master developer Wichita Destination Developers and the city gave Good an extension to Feb. 1. There was a second extension to Monday.

Good didn’t return a call for comment, nor has he commented on the two extensions.

Last week, Layton said he thought the extension to Monday should be the last one. It sounds like that will be the case.

“Either they’ll have met the requirements, or they’ll be in default,” Layton says.

He says the city is now reviewing the documents.

“I’m making sure that we’re going through all the documents. We want to be diligent in our review.”

Look for an update on Wednesday.

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