Carrie Rengers

Second Meddys to open at Village at Greenwich this fall

Less than six months after opening his first Meddys, Alex Harb has a deal to open a second one in what he plans to be a chain of the fast casual Mediterranean restaurants.

The second Meddys, which is a nickname of sorts for the Mediterranean, will open at the Village at Greenwich at the northeast corner of 21st and Greenwich.

Harb says the development, which is growing with two new strip centers, is “very conveniently located.”

“I like the traffic – everything that’s happening on that corner.”

Harb, who also owns Ribbit Computers, says that area has nearby housing, new businesses coming and a new highway interchange to make traveling there easy.

“That is going to be prime trade area.”

The new restaurant will be 2,800 square feet, which is about the same as the Meddys near Harry and Rock Road.

“It’s going to be almost the same layout.”

The new restaurant also will have a patio with seating for about 30.

Meddys serves dishes such as chicken and beef shawarma, kabobs, salad, hummus and falafel.

“It’s doing amazing … honestly,” Harb says. “I can’t complain. We have a full house all the way through lunch, and we remain steady all the way through till we close at 10 o’clock at night. It’s shocking.”

Harb says that’s even with the natural barrier of Kellogg.

“When you’re doing a start-up location, it’s kind of hard to get that top prime location.”

He says there’s “almost a line out the door every lunch.”

“I think it has to do with the salads and the healthy (options).”

Harb says he thinks that particularly attracts young people and women. He says Meddys also is popular with people from McConnell Air Force Base.

At the new Meddys, Harb is adding dessert to the menu and is considering serving wine as well.

“We’ll go back and add them at the other location, or we’ll do it simultaneously.”

Look for the new Meddys to open in September.

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