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Clearwater Police chief appreciates a sense of humor, even about speeding

The Clearwater Police Department’s radar trailer and a citizen’s response to it.
The Clearwater Police Department’s radar trailer and a citizen’s response to it.

Clearwater Police Chief Gene Garcia has been pleased with response to a traffic radar trailer his department has been using to slow traffic in school zones lately.

He’s also pleased with a prankster’s response to the sign, which shows drivers how fast they’re going.

Late last week, Garcia asked an officer to make sure the sign was put away before evening.

The officer reported that someone put up his own sign next to the radar that said, “Hi score wins a prize!”

“I thought this is really funny,” Garcia says. “Somebody has some good humor. They obviously are noticing the different places we are setting up the radar trailer.”

So via Facebook, the department let the public know Garcia was amused enough to want to offer a free meal to anyone who could prove he or she placed the sign.

Garcia says there were “some people who were leery of that free breakfast or lunch.”

They figured it might be a meal on a tray behind bars, but Garcia says he intends to take the person to Tee Time Golf & Cafe in Clearwater.

Garcia says he used to encounter more humor in his former job as a state trooper, and he’s happy to have some in this job – while also discouraging speeding.

He also appreciates what the sign is doing for the department’s Facebook page.

Normally, when the page gets about 20 likes Garcia says he considers that a good post.

For the sign posting, so far there are more than 1,140 likes, 654 shares and, Garcia says, more than 60,000 views.

“We’re just pretty tickled that over 60,000 people would be looking at our posting.”

No one has claimed the free meal yet, which Garcia says can be proved through footage from a nearby camera, but we’ll keep you posted.

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