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West-side Larry Bud’s Sports Bar & Grill to transition to Calleigh’s 88

Larry Bud’s Sports Bar & Grill, 6200 W. 21st St. (Feb. 17, 2015)
Larry Bud’s Sports Bar & Grill, 6200 W. 21st St. (Feb. 17, 2015) The Wichita Eagle

It appears Larry Bud is on his way out on the west side, and Calleigh is on her way in.

Tom Lassley, a real estate broker, is taking over the west-side Larry Bud’s Sports Bar & Grill at 6200 W. 21st St. and plans a new venue called Calleigh’s 88.

“We’re going to have an entertainment concept,” he says. “We’re open now, and I’m kind of just being the general manager until everything goes through.”

Lassley says the landlord still has to approve the sublease. The owners of Larry Bud’s couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Though Lassley says he’s still a commercial broker, he’s more interested in entertainment.

He’s going to have dueling pianos, occasional comedy acts and karaoke in addition to sports on TV.

“I like to make people happy,” Lassley says. “I like to see them have a good time. This is one way to do it.”

He’s naming the business for his almost-3-year-old granddaughter. The 88 stands for the number of keys on a piano.

Lassley says he’s already hired Las Vegas entertainers Van Walraven and Lark Knowles to play dueling pianos.

“They were here last year when I was at Emerson,” Lassley says of a brief stint he had at the west-side Emerson Biggin’s.

“It just didn’t work out,” he says of being there.

He’s still confident in the concept, though.

“It will work,” he says. “These are professionals. … The people will come there to see the Vegas people.”

Lassley says they’re good singers and entertainers in addition to being good piano players.

“To make a good piano player, you need (those) three ingredients.”

He says he has other plans beyond dueling pianos.

“We’re going to do some other things, like we’ll have a comedy show every once in a while.”

Lassley also is thinking about karaoke on Thursdays and having a clown for children on Tuesdays.

“We’re going to upgrade the menu and make it more of a family-style menu.”

He’s putting up a new wall similar to one that used to be there. Previously, it was to divide smoking and nonsmoking sections.

Now it will be to separate the entertainment area from the TV area.

It will be a clear wall “so you can see through from one side to the other.”

Lassley says he’s already removed the prominent beer signs on the outside of the 10,000-square-foot building. He’s also taken a game room out and created a quiet seating area in its place.

“And we’ve got an outstanding patio out back.”

Lassley says he expects to take ownership of the business at the beginning of April and debut the piano performers the weekend of April 10.

He says he expects to see “everybody having a great time here, laughing, just getting along well.”

“I love that.”

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