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Planet Sub franchisees to open third Wichita restaurant

Linda and Doug Brantner are working to open their third Wichita Planet Sub, this time in Delano.
Linda and Doug Brantner are working to open their third Wichita Planet Sub, this time in Delano. Courtesy photo

Former aviation executive Doug Brantner is coming full circle with his aviation and restaurant careers with the latest Planet Sub he and his wife, Linda, are opening.

It’s going to be at 535 W. Douglas in Occidental Management’s Travel Air Building in Delano.

“We’re pretty excited about being part of the aviation history of the city,” Brantner says.

In 1926 and 1927, the building was the aircraft plant for the storied Travel Air Manufacturing Co., which was founded by Lloyd Stearman, Walter Beech and Clyde Cessna.

“That’s kind of where aviation started … for the country as a whole,” says Brantner, who worked for aircraft manufacturers for 17 years.

The Brantners own the Planet Sub on North Rock Road just south of 37th Street. Their second one opened not quite a year ago in the former Metro Grill space at Central and Maize Road.

Like that second one, Doug Brantner says the new one is “going to be the updated, more kind of an urban look.”

The Brantners will lease 3,300 square feet, about 2,800 of which will be for the restaurant. The rest will be office and storage space for all of their restaurants.

Doug Brantner says in addition to serving the Delano neighborhood, this Planet Sub literally will cater to downtown.

“We’re hoping to do an awful lot of catering to downtown,” he says. “We can see downtown from our front door.”

He says he’s already catering to downtown a few times a month “without really half trying.”

Breakfast and lunch will be a particular focus, but dinner catering is available as well.

“We’re really going to try to work that and make sure people know about it,” Brantner says.

Construction is underway, and the restaurant should be ready in early November.

“We love the Delano neighborhood,” Brantner says.

“We really enjoy the atmosphere and the people down there,” he says. “That’s going to be a great thing for us.”

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