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Gas prices expected to continue to fall

Eagle staff

As gas prices ticked down over the past week, many drivers were wondering how low they would go.

According to GasBuddy, an online company that provides real-time information on gas prices, they likely will go at least a bit lower. It predicts U.S. drivers will pay their lowest prices for gasoline since the fall of 2010.

In a news release, GasBuddy said nationally the average bottom price will be $3.15 a gallon to $3.25 a gallon over the next three or so months, but “more than 30 U.S. states will at least occasionally see pump prices below $3.”

Prices are already bumping around or below the $3 mark in some parts of 17 states, according to GasBuddy oil analyst Tom Kloza.

The company said U.S. production of oil has kept international supplies ample, putting downward pressure on the price of raw crude. Also, refineries are switching to the fall and winter blend of gasoline, except in California, and that fall blend is generally cheaper to make. And gasoline consumption tends to drop in the fall and winter, which also should help keep prices lower, according to GasBuddy.