Augusta firm considers reviving production of ’60s airplane

Malissa Nesmith, GlobalParts senior vice president and chief operating officer
Malissa Nesmith, GlobalParts senior vice president and chief operating officer Courtesy

Officials of an Augusta-based aircraft parts supplier and manufacturer are considering reviving production of the Meyers 200 single, piston-engine aircraft.

GlobalParts Group purchased the production type certificate for the airplane last year as well as the intellectual property and tooling. The intent was to support owners of existing Meyers airplanes by providing them with parts and service, Malissa Nesmith, GlobalParts senior vice president and chief operating officer, said Friday.

“They’ve not really been fully supported,” she said. “They really haven’t had a go-to source for parts.”

GlobalParts – whose divisions include parts, manufacturing and repair – is a Federal Aviation Administration certified repair and overhaul shop.

Since becoming involved in the community of Meyers aircraft owners – Nesmith estimated there are about 70 of the planes in airworthy condition – GlobalParts has been evaluating interest in reviving production of the airplane, she said.

“With the possibility of taking it into production, we’re moving a little bit further along,” Nesmith said. “…The discussions are happening. There’s been no solid decision at this point.”

Since GlobalParts’ incorporation in 2003 and expansion into manufacturing and aircraft repair and overhaul, she said, “all of the pieces that would complement aircraft production we have put in place.”

Nesmith said the company owns a Meyers 200 and has been using it to experiment with upgrades, such as a new propeller and avionics.

“Our thought is to perhaps offer some modifications to existing (Meyers) airplanes … I think a new, revised upgraded version of the Meyers 200 could be exciting.”

The Meyers 200 was designed by Al Meyers, a mechanical engineer who apprenticed with pioneer aircraft builders such as Chance Vought, Glenn Martin and Edward Stinson. Meyers Aircraft Co. in Tecumseh, Mich., built nearly 1,300 of the Model 200s through 1965, the Meyers Aircraft website said.

North American Rockwell’s Aero Commander division bought the design from Al Meyers in 1965. In 1966 and 1967, it produced another 83 planes known as the Aero Commander 200D in Albany, Ga.

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